About Me

About me

Never stop exploring what is inside of you.

I am a photographer and tutor. I would describe myself as a photographer of emotion and life stories. People are full of emotions! I want to be a part of it. I take photos at events, conferences or in public. I look for an interesting moment even in the mountains. I take pictures only because I enjoy it.

My interest is infinite non-formal education and personal growth. That’s the reason why I lecture about photography. I am completely self-taught.

What is not spread further is condemned to be forgotten!

My knowledge is not huge or excellent but you can still learn from me as I can learn from you. In my opinion discussion with experience is the best way to learn a new skills. I am open minded. Eager to get inspired. Impatient to create.


I drew in the past but my drawing did not looks like pictures in my head. I have started with photography in 2010. I had simple camera but I could be creative. And the results were much closer to what I saw. As I can remember I tried to capture those little moments of lives. Emotions and stories. It can be also called as reportage or documentary photography. Nowadays I use it as a memory, documentation of my travels, actions and whatever I do. My friends also often ask me if I capture their lives or events.

Currently I am working as SW Test coordinator in ZF Engineering, Pilsen. My responsibility is managing SW tests of control units mostly for trucks and busses. I would appreciate to make money from photography but I cannot completely rely on it. There is tough competition between photographers. So I am working in the field which has potential in the future. Autonomous vehicles, better infrastructure and solution for easier, also productive, lives. If we are able to  break free from every day little things we could focus on being more creative and present.

Although I love being outside and spend night under the stars. I also love technology. I have chose to study Electrotechnical secondary school and Faculty of Electrotechnical engineering later. Information technology is interesting field of study. I do believe it is important to understand how machines and computers works these days. Software is equally important because it is all over the world. Our age is not about plastic but information! How to get one. How to recognize it is true.

I was creative person with good imagination from my childhood. I do not always know what I am doing. My favorite school subjects except math were art and computer science. I did learn basic programming in elementary school. It requires a bit of creative thinking. But I was not creative enough to have a real friends. So I end up in front of TV and computer. I lived a lives of my favorite movie heros. I climbed a mountains, live in forests, fought in war. I did not live my own life. That was changed in future.